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General travel and contract conditionsn

1. Conclusion of contract


A contract is concluded between you and Schmid Cycling Holidays upon receipt of your written, telephone or personal registration by the specified booking office.


2. Registration


Many hotels and arrangements are often sold out early, so it is in your own interest to register as early as possible.


3. Prices


The prices include VAT and are in EURO (€).


3.1 Price Changes


The organizer reserves the right to increase the travel price for the following special reasons: - subsequent price increases by transport companies, e.g. fuel surcharges - newly introduced or increased government taxes or fees - government-imposed price increases, e.g. VAT


4. Payment Terms


Payment of the entire arrangement price is due no later than 30 days before departure. When booking an arrangement, a deposit of 50% is due within 10 days (after receipt of the confirmation/invoice. The travel documents will only be handed out after the entire invoice amount has been paid. If booked at short notice, the entire arrangement price is due immediately. Payment not received on time is entitled Schmid Cycling Holidays to refuse the travel service and claim the cancellation costs in accordance with Section 5 ff.


Any bank charges are always borne by the participant. Deductions will be recalculated.


5. Cancellation conditions / changes


5.1 Processing fees:


Until the cancellation period begins (see 5.2 and 5.3), we charge a processing fee of €60 per person, up to a maximum of €120 per order, for cancellation costs and changes (name changes). In addition, there are possible telephone and fax costs. After the cancellation periods come into force, the conditions from 5.2 apply.


5.2 Costs of cancellation at Schmid Cycling Holidays:


If you cancel your trip later than 60 days before the departure date, we must charge the following costs as a percentage of the arrangement price in addition to the processing fee.

The following regulation also applies to changes:


90 – 60 days before travel  60%

59 – 30 days before travel  80%

29 – 0   Days before trip 100%


5.3 Early termination of the trip:


If you end your trip early, you have no legal right to a refund.


5.4 Services booked independently:


For transfers and other services booked independently, participants bear the full financial risk in the event of program changes during or before the tour/cycling trip. Schmid Cycling Holidays assumes no responsibility for services booked independently.


Replacement person: If you are unable to attend, you can always have a replacement person start your trip with Schmid Cycling Holidays, provided they meet the necessary requirements and the service provider accepts the change. We charge a change fee of €100 for these changes.


6. Transporting bicycles


In order to prevent damage to the bicycles during transport, we refer to important information and related conditions. Each participant is responsible for packing the bicycles appropriately. Bicycle transport insurance is the responsibility of the participant.


7. Rental bike insurance in general


Rental bike insurance must be taken out for rented bikes, which covers the costs of damage to the bike in the event of a fall or accident. (Negligence is excluded). The renter is liable for theft or improper handling of the bike, etc.


7.1 Rental bike insurance:


Rental bike insurance covers damage up to a maximum amount of €1000.

The tenant is liable for damages that exceed these costs. This regulation only includes damage resulting from an accident or fall (excluding negligence). The renter is liable for theft or improper handling of the bike, etc.


8. Liability in general


As an experienced cycling tour operator, Schmid Cycling Holidays guarantees you a careful selection and monitoring of the other companies involved in your trip (bus companies, hotels, etc.).


8.1 General:


Schmid Cycling Holidays will reimburse you for the loss of agreed services or for additional expenses if it was not possible for Schmid Cycling Holidays to offer you an equivalent replacement service on the spot. No liability is accepted for program changes due to flight postponements. In particular, Schmid Cycling Holidays is not liable for changes to the travel program that are due to an “event that could not have been foreseen or avoided (force majeure, strike, official measures, etc.) or delays and cancellations by third parties for which Schmid Cycling Holidays is not responsible are.


8.2 Property damage:

If the organizer is liable for property and financial damage, Schmid Cycling Holidays' liability for damages is limited to a maximum of twice the travel price.


8.3 Special events:


Outside the official travel program, you can book events or excursions at the respective destinations on your own initiative. Schmid Cycling Holidays assumes no liability for these.

8.4 Insurance:


The liability of travel, transport and airline companies is limited. Schmid Cycling Holidays therefore recommends that you take out additional insurance cover, such as luggage insurance, travel accident and travel health insurance as well as extra return travel insurance. We refer you to the insurance suggestions from the insurance companies and will be happy to help you take out cancellation insurance.


Important: You practice your sport at your own risk. We are not liable under any circumstances for accidents or physical damage resulting from cycling, even if you are riding in a group with a group leader. You are responsible for compliance with road traffic regulations, even if you are driving in a group.


9. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction:

Swiss law applies exclusively to the contractual relationship between you and Schmid Cycling Holidays. The place of jurisdiction is Arlesheim, BL.


10. Organizer and organizer:


Schmid Cycling Holidays, Schleifbergstrasse 1, CH-4132 Muttenz, Switzerland, Tel. +41 61 463 21 71,

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